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The Florida P.E.R.T. common placement test

What is it and why does it matter?

The P.E.R.T. exam replaced the College Placement Test (CPT) in 2011 as Florida's customized placement exam. Students in FL public high schools and college institutions take the PERT to determine college readiness in reading, writing and math. Since it is a computerized adaptive test (CAT), questions are graded as you progress through the exam and problem difficulty adjusts based on the accuracy of your responses. The test is not a pass/fail test, rather institutions set point levels that determine course placement. It is important to do well on the PERT exam to avoid being placed into remedial college courses because:

  • You can't enroll in regular college classes until you complete and pass your remedial courses so...
  • ...they can increase the time it takes to earn your degree by a couple semesters.
  • They cost just as much as regular college courses but...
  • ...they DO NOT count towards earning a college degree!

None of the P.E.R.T. tests are timed but students often have the most trouble on the math test.

What's on the PERT math test?

The Postsecondary Readiness Competencies (PRCs) are the skills identified as crucial to college readiness in reading, writing and mathematics. The PRCs were identified by a panel of FL high school and college faculty members. For the math section, you'll need to demonstrate knowledge of common math competencies including: 

  • The number system including integers, rational and real numbers.
  • Prime and composite numbers, factors, divisibility, LCM and GCF
  • Arithmetic operations involving integers, fractions and decimals
  • Percentages, rates, ratios and proportions
  • Evaluate and simplify algebraic expressions using order of operations
  • Formulate and solve equations
  • Solve quadratic equations and factor polynomial expressions

For more information, including a complete list of the competencies tested on the P.E.R.T. math test, visit the FL Department of Education:

P.E.R.T. Math practice tests

Our free PERT math practice tests are meant to help you prepare to take Florida’s PERT math placement test. Questions presented here cover some of the topics you may encounter on the PERT exam. They are meant to be of equal or greater difficulty than the ones presented on the actual exam. Therefore, you should only use these practice tests as a general tool to gauge your readiness in addition to your other study materials.

Go to free PERT math practice test #1  Go to free PERT math practice test #2 

You may take each test as many times as you like.

Good Luck!

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